Student Activities

The Office of Campus Life is committing to giving students the opportunity to grow, engage, and lead through different organizations and activities. Campus Life provides events such as Finally Fridays, Bingo, Canvas Panting, Tie-Dye, Arts and Crafts, Homecoming events, and so many more.

Student Acitivties Photo Gallery

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Student Organizations

All student organizations are available to all students, no matter the major or degree path.

Closeup of abstract art installation

Aurora Literary Arts Magazine

Aurora Literary Arts Magazine is an annual literary publication that features fiction, poetry, photography and art. The magazine’s staff is a dedicated and eclectic mix of students of all ages and majors who are devoted to putting together a publication of the highest quality.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Josh MacIvor-Andersen

Diverse group of students show off a newly planted tree

Black Student Association (BSA)

The mission of BSA is to aid in the growth and development of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College students, staff and administrators through a series of culturally, socially and academically focused discussions and programs from a unique African-American perspective. BSA aims to develop and promote unity within the minority community and intensify the student voice here at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Dee Reed

Closeup of chorale singers during a consert

Choral Ensembles

Singing at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods has a history that dates back to its founding in 1840. In its earliest days, students and/or Sisters of Providence would have surely joined together to create a choir for supporting Mass, and there are many student songs that date from the early twentieth century. Eventually the music area of the college created a Chorale available to all students.

Questions? Contact the director: Michael Boswell

Collegiate Horseman’s Association

The Collegiate Horseman’s Association is a club for all Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College equine enthusiasts. Members participate in horse-related activities such as therapeutic riding, horse rescue, clinics, expositions, horse shows, fun shows, trail rides and socials.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Tabatha Taylor

Creative Crafts

Creative Crafts is a way for students on campus to take a step back from classes and enjoy learning or participating in a new hobby. It will give the students on campus a chance to find other individuals who enjoy crocheting, knitting, embroidery, sewing and macramé, and give them an opportunity to come together as a group to bond and collaborate with each other. It will also provide a safe environment to learn from each other and expand their own individual knowledge of these activities. Additionally, it will give those who want to learn a safe opportunity to pick up and try out a new craft.

Questions? Contact the advisors: Kalista Lindgren & Sara Nimori or

Drama Club

The Drama Club works to promote the arts through a variety of theatrical performances each year. Students are involved in all aspects of the performances, from planning to final production. Any student is allowed to join and be part of the performances no matter what level of theatrical experience.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Karen Crispin

E-Sports & Gaming (eSGO)

eSGO seeks to provide a safe and nurturing place for the undergraduate community to gain experience in leadership as well as network and socialize with like-minded gaming enthusiasts. Further, the organization will promote intercollegiate eSports competition for those students who would like to participate in team gaming.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Rob Vandermolen

SMWC cross country runner leading in race

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA is a club that welcomes all SMWC students to come and build relationships through creating bonds and sharing their faith. The organization has bi-weekly meetings and focuses on being a stress reliever for everyone during this busy time. All are welcome!

Questions? Contact the advisor: Darla Hopper

Smiling students in a classroom

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

FBLA is an American career and technical student organization with the purpose of bringing business and education together. FBLA gives college students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership, communication and teamwork skills through community service projects, fundraising activities and chapter office positions.

Questions? Contact the advisors: Sara Amstutz & Meredith Williams or

Gender/Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

GSA works to create a safe space for those at SMWC who identify in the LGBTQIA+ community. Open to people of any sexuality, gender identity, or sex, the club offers a range of events that educate those on campus but also promote equality in fun ways.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Sara Church

Class of elementary students raising hands to answer a question

Indiana Student Education Association (ISEA)

ISEA is a club designed to help equip future teachers with the skills they need to be successful. Through volunteer opportunities at local schools as well as education and career development workshops, students give back to the Vigo County community while simultaneously gaining professional skills.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Robin Thoma

A student playing the trumpet during a concert

Instrumental Ensembles

Instrumental opportunities abound at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. Students of any major are welcome to join the SMWC Concert Band or the Terre Haute Sinfonietta Pops Orchestra by registering with their related course numbers to take the ensemble for one elective credit each semester.

Questions? Contact the directors: John McIntyre & James Chesterson or

Junior Class Officers

Junior Class Officers are elected student positions responsible for organizing Big/Little week and Ring Day which are two long-standing traditions at SMWC.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Elizabeth Reel

Two students playing guitar

Music Therapy Student Association (MTSA)

MTSA involves students in professional activities by promoting interaction between its membership and professionals such as hosting guest speakers, educational seminars and encouraging attendance at conferences. Other activities of the group include music-related events such as open mic nights, jam sessions, etc. Students of all majors are welcome.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Sharon Boyle

Student at the peace and justice club table

Peace and Justice Club

The Peace and Justice Club promotes peace and justice for all. The aim is to nurture an inclusive, caring and respectful environment on campus and within the community – one where conflict leads to growth and transformation rather than violence or aggression.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Elaine Yaw

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

The Pre-Veterinary Medical Association is a student organization that allows students interested in veterinary medicine to further explore the fields available. Students are provided opportunities of internships and volunteer options in different fields of veterinary medicine, as well as presentations from Veterinary Schools and from specialized DVM’s. This association hopes to better prepare students for Veterinary School applications and for future careers.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Ed Ferguson

Students listening in Behavioral Sciences class

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club provides opportunities for students to explore interests related to psychology. The club hopes to instill experience and knowledge in students to better prepare them for future careers. The Psychology Club is an academic and social club.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Sara Church

Graduates hold up their diplomas after the 2020 commencement

Senior Class Officers

The Senior Class organizes Senior Dinner, an event held in early December, and assists in communicating information regarding Commencement to campus graduates.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Sarah Mahady


Service31 seeks to provide an opportunity and means for service within and outside campus by and for the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College student body. Service31 is the main organization through which campus-based undergraduate students can centralize student-driven action, express concerns and foster service at SMWC. It is the vision of the College for Service31 to bring a spirit of community and service throughout campus and the greater community. The goal of Service31 is to build a student-based organization that focuses on outreach within the Vigo County community and further to allow students to reach out into the community.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Tim Tesmer

group of students on the fall break trip

Sophomore-Freshman Leadership Council (SFLC)

SFLC is a student-run council of sophomores and freshmen who are responsible with providing community leadership opportunities and support Junior Class during Ring Day.

Group photo of the 2018 SAC members

Student Activities Committee (SAC)

SAC is a group of students whose primary function is to plan, implement and evaluate student activities and events. The organization is committed to offering a variety of opportunities each month with different performances, bands, comedians and events.

SMWC nursing students preparing tests

Student Nursing Association (SNA)

SNA helps to promote awareness and involvement in nursing and baccalaureate nursing education. The organization works to support the education of the student nurse as a professional, support other students who want to be involved in a health care profession, support and involve any student with an interest at all in the health care field, and to provide education concerning contemporary health problems on campus and in the community.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Christine Delnat

Student Senate

The Student Senate represents the opinions of the student body and strives to enrich all aspects of student life. The Student Senate shall accept responsibility for upholding and defending student rights, allocating the student activity fee, promoting and recognizing student leadership, and serving as a liaison between the student body and other campus constituencies.

Sustainability Club

Sustainability Club strives to promote sustainable living on and off campus. Sustainability Club also works with local organizations to promote various aspects of sustainability such as recycling, re-using, water conservation, environmental conservation and reducing your ecological footprint! Please contact a club officer for volunteer opportunities.

Questions? Contact the advisor: Theresa Watson

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Student powerlifting

Club Sports

  • Cheer and Dance
  • Rowing
  • Powerlifting
  • Coming Soon – Tennis

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SMWC Intramurals supports and encourages students to be healthy, engaged members of the campus community and is overseen by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Intramurals aim to encourage a friendly, competitive atmosphere for both students and student-athletes throughout the academic year. Schedules often consist of one-time events such as mini-golf, bowling, or laser tag as well as extended team-based seasons throughout the year. Keep an eye on your email to see what’s happening on and off campus!

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